Alonso: “No pressures, i’m staying with McLaren” 

Written by David on June 22nd, 2007 at 12:44 pmLast Update: June 28th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

Alonso: No pressures, i’m staying with McLarenThe Spanish driver, during a press conference in Madrid, declared: “There isn’t any conflict inside the team”. On Hamilton: “It’s obvious that they take particular care for him. He’s part of the team for nine years”. The future: “No team has contacted me”.

Fernando Alonso clarifies his future. A future that will continue being colored in McLaren’s silver. Most importantly, the Spanish champion, discards the controversies on presumed conflicts with his teammate Lewis Hamilton, revelation driver of this year’s Championship.

In occasion of a promotional event in Madrid, Fernando took the chance to moderate the tensions: “There isn’t any conflict inside the team. It’s quite normal that inside an English team there’s more joy if an English driver wins. If i were racing for a Spanish team, the same would have happened to me. Everyone has seen the support given to him by the team, but that’s normal. He obtained the first podiums and the first victories in Formula 1. He’s part of the team for nine years and the team is happy because he formed himself within McLaren. However, we have the best car and we can improve more by working hard. For now, Lewis is luckier than me”.

Regarding the indiscretions made the other day by Spanish Press, Fernando Alonso is explicit: “I haven’t received any offer. No team has contacted me. I want to fulfill my contract with McLaren and i have no intention to leave”.

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