Spanish Press: Alonso-McLaren imminent divorce? 

Written by David on June 19th, 2007 at 6:00 pmLast Update: June 28th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

Fernando Alonso McLaren imminent divorce?According to spanish daily sport news press “Marca“, Fernando Alonso could break shortly his contract with McLaren-Mercedes because he feels “suffocated” too much by Hamilton’s excellent performances. But Fernando appears relaxed: “my declarations helped me a lot, in Indianapolis our team appeared more euphoric”.

Antonio Lobato, Marca’s journalist that published such news, wrote that Fernando would be seeing McLaren’s Team as “an arrogant team even if it hasn’t won a Title in the last eight years. A Team that doesn’t like to listen because is convinced that doesn’t have to learn from nobody.” No trace of accusations on his teammate Hamilton, “Good, cold-blooded and above all, British” but, “Fernando needs fresh air so i believe his future in McLaren will be a short one.”

However, some statements diffused today by the Spanish driver, would make you think of the opposite. “After last week’s statements – says Alonso – when i said that the team was happier if Hamilton won, something that everybody noticed, now i believe that the team is making more attention in its manners, in Indianapolis they appeared more euphoric”. Regarding this year’s fight for the Championship, Alonso doesn’t have any doubt: “I will benefit from next to come European races, the F1 Championship begins now. We raced only 7 GP’s, not even half of the Championship.”

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