Kimi: “Ain’t over yet” 

Written by David on June 20th, 2007 at 4:49 pmLast Update: June 28th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

Kimi Raikkonen statements after Canadian and Usa Grand PrixFinnish Ferrari driver doesn’t give up despite the fact that his last two GP’s, Montreal & Indianapolis, weren’t so satisfying: “Everything can still happen, but first of all i have to improve in race starts. Silverstone’s track tests are crucial”.

“So far, we lost many championship points. But this doesn’t mean we’re out; things can change quickly”. Kimi Raikkonen tries to react. Ferrari’s finnish driver, surely it’s not in condition. In the last two North American GP’s (Canada & USA) he got a fifth and a fourth place, definitely below expectations. Both McLaren cars are flying, Ferrari’s F2007 has quite a few difficulties but Kimi hasn’t lost at all the hope to get back in business.

“It has been an extremely tough weekend, we are concentrated in order to do things the right way. None of us will ever give up. We’ve an important test Session in Silverstone in preparation of France’s and United Kingdom’s Grand Prix. We will tryout new parts, hoping that they’ll help us to reduce the gap with McLaren. One thing’s for sure, we need to rank better in Magny-Cours and Silverstone. A lot depends on this week’s tests. I certainly hope, things go according to our plans”.

Kimi Raikkonen statements after Canadian and Usa Grand Prix

Besides that, Raikkonen speaks about Indianapolis race start where he lost two positions forcing him to finish fourth. Also, he admits that he has to improve in Qualifier Sessions. “What can i say regarding Indianapolis race? Obviously i was expecting more than 9 points between Canada and United States GP’s. Well, nine points are better than nothing, but after Sunday’s race we could have made even less, given the fact that our main opponents have obtained many points. Right now, they’re far ahead of us and our plans were, without any doubt, different. I’m sad. In the last two races, i took the start from the dirty side of the track and that hasn’t helped me. Besides that, in Indianapolis i started with the hard tires while my opponents with the soft ones. It’s something i have to improve because loosing positions in race start, makes it difficult for the whole race”.

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