Max Mosley defends right on pursuing ‘eccentric’ private life 

Written by David on April 20th, 2008 at 11:53 amLast Update: April 20th, 2008 at 11:58 am

Max MosleyMax Mosley has expressed the intent to complete his current term as FIA President at least until 2009 despite the numerous calls to resign. In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the 68-year-old Briton defended his right to pursue an ‘eccentric’ private life, saying that it has no effect on his ability to run F1. Mosley has also insisted that he will continue the legal action against the tabloid claiming ‘unlimited damages’.

His future, which will be decided on June 3rd in Paris where more than 200 FIA Senate members will vote by secret ballot, was one of the questions he undergo in what was the first interview following the sex scandal report.

“If they wish me to continue, I will continue, if they don’t, I’ll stop. But I will also say to them that it was always my intention, because it is, that I was never going to go beyond 2009. The reason’s very simple. If you stop in 2009 aged 69, you can maybe still do something else useful. Were I to stay on till I was 73, I’d be getting very marginal.”

On the lawfulness of his sexual behaviour, Mosley said: “I think that most adults would say that whatever in that spectrum somebody does, provided it doesn’t hurt anybody, provided it’s consensual, provided it’s among adults, and provided it’s in private, it concerns nobody but the people doing it. So I don’t see it as a moral issue.You’ve got to understand, people have sides of that kind to them. But again, I say that as long as it’s adults, consensual, in privateā€¦it doesn’t hurt anybody.”

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