Jenson Button: “Heikki Kovalainen to push Hamilton” 

Written by David on December 17th, 2007 at 2:25 pmLast Update: December 17th, 2007 at 2:25 pm

Briton Formula One driver Jenson Button, believes that Lewis Hamilton cannot expect an easy ride from new McLaren teammate Heikki Kovalainen next year. Button, told Reuters: “I’m sure Kovalainen is not interested in just finishing a few races in front, I’m sure he wants to go for the title. He won’t hold back just because he’s got Lewis as a teammate. I think it’s good for both of them.”

“He’s a great guy and deserves to stay in a team,” said Button of the Finn. “Having him not racing in Formula One would be wrong. It’s great that he’s got a drive.”

Meanwhile, Heikki¬†told BBC radio¬†he expects equal treatment to Hamilton. “One thing that I wanted to establish before signing was that I’d be treated equally. I think we can fight on the track as much as we can but off the track we can laugh about it.”

Anthony Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton’s father, said he was looking forward to a less controversial year after a season that also saw McLaren fined a record $100 million and lose all their constructors points for a spying controversy. “I don’t expect any issues with team mates or other teams or drivers,” he said. “We’ve all had a rough 2007, I think everybody’s focus next year will be; “Let’s just have a good year whoever wins’. That’s what we want. Heikki is a decent guy, Lewis is a decent guy, so I’m sure they’ll get on well. We’ve known him for a long time, Lewis and Heikki raced karts against each other.”

source: reuters

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