Ferrari reactions to FIA decision 

Written by David on July 27th, 2007 at 1:35 amLast Update: December 09th, 2007 at 12:43 pm

Based on today’s decision of the FIA World Council: The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team has been found to be in breach of article 151c of the F1 Sporting Regulations and to have therefore behaved in “a fraudulent manner and therefore in a manner prejudicial to the interests of competition or motor sport in general”, said earlier Ferrari Team in an official statement.

FIA decided, after today’s hearing in Paris, that there was insufficient evidence to prove McLaren had benefited from leaked Ferrari documents found at the home of their chief designer Mike Coughlan.

The Italian Team, in its statement, said: “Ferrari notes that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has been found guilty by the FIA World Council. It therefore finds it incomprehensible that violating the fundamental principle of sporting honesty does not have, as a logical and inevitable consequence, the application of a sanction. Today’s decision legitimises dishonest behaviour in Formula 1 and sets a very serious precedent. In fact, the decision of the World Council signifies that possession, knowledge at the very highest level and use of highly confidential information acquired in an illicit manner and the acquiring of confidential information over the course of several months, represent violations that do not carry any punishment. The fact that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes was in possession of such information was discovered totally by accident and, but for this, the team would continue to have it. This is all the more serious as it has occurred in a sport like Formula 1 in which small details make all the difference. Ferrari feels this is highly prejudicial to the credibility of the sport. It will continue with the legal action already under way within the Italian criminal justice system and in the civil court in England.”

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