Schumacher and Todt actors in the upcoming “Asterix at the Olympic Games” movie 

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Jean Todt, Asterix at the Olympic Games movieSeven-times Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher and Ferrari’s General Director Jean Todt, are part of the enormous cast of the upcoming movie “Asterix at the Olympic Games“. Michael Schumacher’s part in the movie is to drive a super fast chariot while Jean Todt gives him orders from the pits. Among others, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham and Tony Parker are set to be part of the cast.

Todt and Schumacher, will be together again, leaders again on a red chariot, in a breathtaking race with the crowd cheering them up. This is not a return in Formula One, but a race of Roman chariots, one of the main scenes of the “Asterix at the Olympic Games” movie, set to be released in January in France.

Michael Schumacher, Asterix at the Olympic Games movie

The movie will have a cast full of stars from the world of sports. Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher engaged in a spectacular race with carts drawn by horses. Clothes strictly red with Jean Todt in the pits, as always, and Michael Schumacher driving the two wheels chariot. A seven-minute scene which required a month to be filmed.

Jean Todt, Asterix at the Olympic Games movie

Schumacher and Todt have agreed to be part of the movie and decided to donate their earnings to the ICM Institute founded by Todt and Dr. Saillant, a known surgeon who has taken care of many successful sportsmen, including Ronaldo.

Asterix at the Olympic Games, movie trailer:

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