Kimi Raikkonen believes next year will be easier for Ferrari 

Written by David on October 28th, 2007 at 9:24 pmLast Update: October 28th, 2007 at 9:24 pm

Kimi Raikkonen Monza 2007 Italian Grand PrixWorld champion Kimi Raikkonen believes his Ferrari team will have an easier time challenging for wins next season. The Finn appeared today at Ferrari’s end-of-season celebrations at Mugello, Italy, cheered on by thousands of tifosi in the grandstands.

And Raikkonen, who last week clinched the title in Brazil against all odds with one point advantage, told reporters: “Next year should be easier not just for me but also for the team. “This year we had some difficulties to get the car right, as I wanted. We’ll see what we do for the new car. It’s very hard to say at this point how good the car will be. But we have great expectations. We’ll see what happens next year. But we have a good feeling.”

Raikkonen also said he was looking forward to the ban on traction control, which takes effect next season, and expressed his belief that the ban will improve the racing. “When I came to Formula One, we didn’t have traction control,” he commented. “There are so many things coming up. I think it’ll be good fun and more challenging, too. And taking the traction control away will give us more opportunities to overtake.”

His teammate Felipe Massa, however, was more reserved, as he admitted he has not driver a Formula One car without traction control yet. “I haven’t yet driven cars without traction control, but it’s just a matter of habit,” the Brazilian stated. We’ll see if we need to change our driving style or we need to change the car.”

source: autosport

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