British Grand Prix quotes 

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Luca Cordero di MontezemoloLuca Cordero di Montezemolo: “Winning at Silverstone is a double satisfaction, for a thousand reasons. It has been great, without Kimi’s mistake in Saturdays’ Qualifers we would have been in pole position. Ferrari was clearly faster than the others during the race, i really enjoyed Raikkonen’s excellent laps turns, easily comparable to Micheal Schumacher’s ones, those amazing five turns without even a stumble. Then, i’ve seen an excellent Felipe Massa, who overtook almost everyone, he was great. We had the best two lap times in the race with a gap of half a second from the others”.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

“Felipe started the race from the pitlane and finished fifth and Kimi won the race: a big satisfaction. There’s a bit of bitterness for rules that no other sport has: Ferrari’s win is rewarded but we are still behind in both driver’s and constructor’s Championship, it’s wrong. The Formula 1 is a sport for people that win not for people that make calculations. Getting back to the race, i’m confident saying that Kimi Raikkonen is demonstrating what Michael Schumacher had previously said. Kimi did an excellent race”.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: “It was an interesting, stimulating and fascinating race for me and for the other drivers. At the beginning I tried to maintain the gap on Kimi, but it has been difficult to keep such a rhythm because Raikkonen was really fast and was recovering lap by lap. Then unfortunately there was the error in the pit-stop, I hesitated for a moment, I thought that the lollipop had been raised therefore I lost a bunch of seconds compromising all the remaining race. There was something wrong with the setup of my car, we must work on this. However in the Qualifiers everything had gone well, but today we lost the rhythm of the race and it hasn’t been possible to make more than that”.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa: “Too bad for the race start; however I did an excellent race. My engine stalled on the grid, i still don’t know why. I had a perfect car, there were many good occasions today for being strong and fight for victory. I did an excellent race and i’m quite happy for that; obviously i’m not happy for the race start and for having lost some points. Overtake Kubica? I tried but it was impossible. The battle for the title is open but we must have both cars in front of McLaren”.

Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica: “I’m really happy, keeping Felipe behind me hasn’t been easy at all. During the race i was feeling safe, i was controlling the situation and i wasn’t pushing much, but when my Team informed me that Massa was recovering the gap, i had to push in order to keep my position. The car, however, is behaving very well and now we can take advantage of our potential”.

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