McLaren: Hamilton and Alonso to discuss on-track moves for Fuji 

Written by David on September 27th, 2007 at 11:49 amLast Update: September 27th, 2007 at 11:49 am

Lewis Hamilton replies to Fernando Alonso’s accusationsLewis Hamilton intends to sit down with Fernando Alonso in Fuji this weekend to try and agree on a code of conduct about their on-track battles. The Briton is still upset about the way he felt Alonso was unnecessarily aggressive with him at the first corner of the Belgian Grand Prix. And having not had a chance to speak to Alonso about the matter up until now, he wants to make sure their battle does not result in any on-track incident.

Hamilton said: “For both of us, we have got to be careful and remember that we are teammates. I probably will speak to him later in the weekend about this, because I haven’t spoken to him since the last race and I have my feelings on what happened at the last race. Here is another race, another day, but when we are out there we won’t be giving any handouts, that is for sure.”

When asked what impact the first corner incident at Spa would have on the fight with Alonso, Hamilton said: “Well, we will see. I will be a lot more aware of him around me now. You wait and see. I am driving to keep the car on the track and be fair to everyone, but if that is how aggressive he wants to be then I can be just as aggressive as anyone else. But I am not going to take any silly risks and take myself or anyone else off – just make sure I am ahead of them and it won’t be an issue.”

Hamilton believes that Alonso’s position as the reigning world champion puts more pressure on the Spaniard than himself. “I feel I have nothing to lose. He is the one defending the world championship, so really he should have more pressure on him. But in the last two races he has done really well. I don’t know if he has unloaded a load of baggage and is not feeling any weight off the team, or anything. He seems to be quite happy in the team all of a sudden, or with himself at least.”

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