McLaren-Mercedes to appeal against Hamilton’s SPA penalty 

Written by David on September 07th, 2008 at 7:57 pmLast Update: September 07th, 2008 at 7:58 pm

Lewis HamiltonA McLaren Mercedes spokesman has confirmed that the Woking based team will appeal against the race stewards of the Belgian Grand Prix after their decision to penalise with a drive-through Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race. The stewards gave a 25-second penalty to Hamilton for a chicane cut on lap 42, by judging that the Briton had gained an advantage against Kimi Raikkonen.

The McLaren spokesman said:

We looked at all our data and also made it available to the FIA stewards. It showed that, having lifted, Lewis was 6km/h slower than Kimi as they crossed the start/finish line.

Having passed the lead back to Kimi, Lewis repositioned his car, moving across and behind Kimi to the right-hand line and then outbraked him into the hairpin. Based on this data, we have no option other than to register our intention to appeal.

The team have also made it clear that their focus will now switch to next weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, on Ferrari’s home turf in Monza.

We are a racing team and now focus on Monza, with a view to extending our lead in the drivers’ world championship.

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  1. F1 fanatic says:

    I think that lewis will overcome this and still go on to win the title no matter how hard things get he is surely going to be one of our best racing drivers even .

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