Kimi Raikkonen: “Real season starts from Barcelona” 

Written by David on April 22nd, 2008 at 5:37 pmLast Update: April 22nd, 2008 at 5:37 pm

Kimi Raikkonen“I have raced many times in Barcelona. It’s always a very challenging circuit, but this time going there feels even more exciting than usually. Obviously I prefer being the leader from the chaser I used to be almost every season. Keeping all the others behind me in the race would mean keeping them behind in the championship, too. My approach is to keep pushing 100%, like the whole team. The things change very quickly in F1, so it’s important to get the maximum amount of point possible for every Grand Prix. There is such a long way to go.”

“We all in the team are in good shape. My own part of the last week’s test wasn’t that good, but it doesn’t matter. I think we should have speed enough for the weekend. All looks good.”

“I expect Ferrari to be very competitive at Barcelona. But it’s going to be close between the top teams. All the teams have updates for the first European race, which makes it more interesting. We have won last two races and that makes our competitors to attack even harder. I really like racing in Europe. We don’t have to travel that long and all the energy is saved for the weekend itself. Traditionally the real season starts while coming back to Europe.”

“For me it’s just great. Never before I have been able to start the European season in such a good position. I have won once in Barcelona. Obviously that is my best memory from the Spanish Grand Prix. Actually it’s also my only podium there, so I really look forwrad to clinch a good result from Spain, too.”

“Barcelona is such a circuit where you have to get anything exactly right to be at the top. All the teams have tested at this circuit so to get an advantage is not very easy. The setup is very crucial as the track changes with the wind and temperature changes.”

“Last week’s test didn’t give the clear picture how it is between the top teams for this race. We have made a small step forward. But it’s hard to judge things in testing with all team trying different things and running various level of fuel. We know we have had our ups and downs in the first races. Now I expect Ferrari to keep it up in Barcelona like it was in Malaysia and in Bahrain.”

“During the break I’ve been training and just chilled out with my friends and family in Switzerland and Finland. It was great to see my pal Toni Vilander to win the opening race of FIA GT series for Ferrari. I follow keenly Toni’s season and it felt good to see him go so strongly in the wet Silverstone circuit. Well done Toni!.”

source: FerrariĀ 

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