French GP, Free Practice Session: Ferrari’s on the rampage! 

Written by David on June 29th, 2007 at 11:55 amLast Update: June 29th, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Kimi Raikkonen French Grand Prix 1st Free Practice SessionThis morning, during Magny-Course 1st free practice session, first and second place for Ferrari vehicles: Raikkonen in front of Massa. McLaren’s further back: Alonso third, Hamilton encountered problems but in the end placed sixth.

Clouds over Magny-Cours circuit; 10′ before the end of the first free practice session, it was raining, at least in the pit lane. But that isn’t enough to darken the excellent impression both Ferrari’s gave on the French circuit: Raikkonen 1st, Massa 2nd. Bad day for McLaren with Hamilton, who, for the very first time had problems with his vehicle. Therefore, this time, only Ferrari team is smiling.

The most pleasant surprise, arrives from Ferrari’s Finnish driver, Kimi Raikkonen. During the free practice, even from the first laps, Kimi appears quite comforted on his vehicle, improving constantly his lap times until that 1’15”382 giving him the temporary Pole Position. Right behind him (1’15”447) his teammate Felipe Massa completing a virtual first row we haven’t seen for a long time. All of this has been made possible with hard tires, chosen by both drivers, instead of soft ones, considering the fact that the French circuit registered an ideal temperature. On the contrary Hamilton, temporary leader of the Championship, placed only in 6th position with a lap time of 1’16”277 after being halted by his vehicle. A little bit better for Alonso, 3rd but with 0”800 from Raikkonen.

Lewis Hamilton French Grand Prix 1st Free Practice Session car problems

Unluckiness has been “called” many times during this week and today “got” even Lewis Hamilton: on the first practice lap, McLaren’s vehicle halted for an electronic problem. Surely, if this had happened on Saturday or Sunday, things would have been worse. Pulled into the pits, the vehicle has been fixed very quickly but Lewis didn’t manage to race well, given the fact he chose the soft tires set where, in the end, seemed quite deteriorated. In the meantime, Ferrari mechanics were working hard on Raikkonen’s car. Results have been seen: from the aerodynamics point of view, it’s almost an unrecognizable Ferrari. The first confirmations are awaited in the afternoon, in the second free practice session obviously if rain doesn’t fall.

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