Spy Story: More troubles for Nigel Stepney 

Written by David on November 21st, 2007 at 9:14 pmLast Update: November 21st, 2007 at 9:19 pm

Nigel Stepney accused for sabotage by FerrariThe results on the “white powder” conducted by the University of Modena, are speaking of a substance “compatible with the powder found in Kimi Raikkonen’s F2007 fuel tank” before Monaco’s Grand Prix. Nigel Stepney, former Ferrari Mechanics Coordinator, right now, is the only one under investigation for sporting fraud.

The “white powder” found in Nigel Stepney’s pockets, appears to be compatible with the powder found in Kimi Raikkonen’s fuel tank, the day before Monaco’s Grand Prix, earlier this year. This is the outcome, according to Modena’s local newspapers, of a chemical analysis on the substance conducted by Modena’s University Chemical Lab.

Maurizio Migliaccio, an expert on mechanics teaching at Univeristy of Naples, and Lorenzo Tassi a Chemistry expert at Modena’s University, after being appointed by Barbara Malvasi (the Judge in charge of the preliminary investigations), reported the compatibility between the phosphate and calcium based compound found in Raikkonen’s car and the traces found in Stepney’s pockets.

Nigel Stepney remains the only suspect under investigation for attempting to compromise Ferrari’s F2007 car, with allegations of personal injury, sabotage and sporting fraud.

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