Pirelli reveals tyre colour markings 

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Pirelli P ZeroItalian tyre manufacturer Pirelli, embarking on the first season of a three-year agreement to supply Formula One with tyres, has revealed the colours that will be used to distinguish the six different types of tyre that will be used throughout the season.

In order to tell the six tyres apart, each will carry its own distinct colouring on the Pirelli and PZero logos affixed to the sidewall. Under the sport’s rules, only two compounds of slick tyre – known as the prime and the option – will be used for each race. In addition to this, intermediate and wet tyres can be fitted if it rains.

The colours reflect the unique personality of each tyre, enabling viewers to tell instantly not only which is the prime and the option tyre, but also exactly which type of tyre is fitted to each car.

The six colours are as follows:

  • Wet – orange
  • Intermediate – light blue
  • Supersoft – red
  • Soft – yellow
  • Medium – white
  • Hard – silver

Pirelli F1 tyre colours

The wet tyre is used in case of heavy rain, while the intermediate is for a damp or drying track. The supersoft provides plenty of speed at the expense of durability, while the soft tyre lasts a bit longer but is still more biased towards performance. The medium tyre is a balanced compromise, while the hard tyre is the most durable of all. Seeing how the teams use the different characteristics of these tyres as part of their strategy will provide a vivid spectacle this year, designed to please the crowds.

In order to make the differences between the prime and option tyre more pronounced Pirelli’s strategy is to offer a step of at least one compound between the tyres nominated for each race. If the track conditions require it though, this strategy may be revised.

The prime and option tyres for the first three grands prix of the year – Australia, Malaysia and China – will be hard and soft compounds, meaning that silver and yellow tyres will be first to make an appearance in Melbourne.

source: Pirelli

Images © Pirelli

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