Jackie Stewart considering legal action against Max Mosley 

Written by David on October 09th, 2007 at 1:43 pmLast Update: October 09th, 2007 at 1:45 pm

Jackie Stewart considering legal action against Max MosleyJackie Stewart is considering legal action against Max Mosley (FIA president) following remarks attributed to the FIA President in the British media last week. Mosley reportedly described Stewart as a “certified half-wit” while at a lunch with journalists. He dismissed Stewart’s criticism of the record US$100 million dollar fine dealt to McLaren in the Formula 1 spy case, the president saying that nobody in Formula One took the Scot’s opinions seriously.

“That legal option is still very open,” Stewart told autosport in Shanghai. “My lawyers advised me that I have every right to do so, and that’s an option that I am able to take up. We’re in communication – I’m not personally, but my lawyers are in communication with Mr Mosley.” Stewart also said that he was disappointed to see such remarks coming from someone in Mosley’s position, and claimed that it was unbecoming of the sport. “I think it was very wrong for Max to do what he did, because it’s unbecoming for the president of the body that governs this sport to be speaking in such a fashion,” he said. “I don’t think you would see the chairman of the Olympic movement saying such a thing. And that of course is much higher than Max, but nevertheless it is an international organisation. I think it was an act of misjudgement by him, but he must have been very upset – for no apparent reason, because any criticisms that I have made are no different from many other people aired with respect to the severity of the penalty of the McLaren thing, and the manner in which the case came together. So I think I was observing and I have the privilege of doing that as an individual opinion, but he obviously is not used to people questioning some of his judgements. And in this particular case I didn’t do it against Max Mosley, it was just my opinion of the whole business that took place. But I think it is unfortunate that he behaved in the fashion that he has. It is libellous, and I think that’s really all I can say.”

Mosley’s comments have drawn condemnation from other quarters, including 1996 world champion Damon Hill, who made his feelings clear in a letter to Autosport magazine this week. “It is well known that Sir Jackie is dyslexic and has struggles to cope with the all too easily made judgement that they are less intelligent than ‘ordinary’ folk,” Hill wrote. “This is in fact more often than not quite the opposite, and many dyslexic people are highly intelligent and extraordinarily gifted, as I believe is the case with Sir Jackie. To call him therefore a ‘certified halfwit’ would be on the first level unkind, but on another level, indeed the level at which Mr Mosley would like us to understand he operates on, is nothing other than a wicked joke designed to visit the utmost humiliation on its victim. Regardless or not of whether he was alluding to his dyslexia, what he said was a gross insult to one of the sport’s leading figures over the last four decades and a thrice world champion. Not only is it bad manners, it also calls into question the character and judgment of the man who represents motor sport throughout the world through the august institution of the FIA. It is conduct most unbecoming of an FIA president and, in my humble view, brought the sport into disrepute, a crime he seems so keen to eradicate.”

source: autosport

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