FIA: teams to be consulted over governance of F1 

Written by David on June 25th, 2008 at 4:14 pmLast Update: June 25th, 2008 at 4:14 pm

FIAThe FIA, has issued a statement on Wednesday announcing the intention to consult with the teams regarding the future of the sport. The FIA also announced plans to invite tenders for a new Formula One feeder series, called Formula Two, set to be launched in 2009. The statement reads as follows:

“The FIA will enter into a wide-ranging consultation with the Formula One teams to examine plans for improved efficiency, including new technical regulations for the Championship. This will also involve a review of the governance of Formula One.”

“Applications from teams wishing to compete in the 2009 Championship must be submitted to the FIA during the period 1 to 31 July 2008 inclusive.”

“The team entry fee for the 2009 Championship will be €309,000 (the 2008 fee plus a three per cent increase in line with inflation). The FIA will launch a consultation with the Formula One teams for the introduction of further fees to cover improved safety systems and equipment at every Grand Prix.”

“The FIA will invite tenders for a new feeder series for Formula One. This championship, called Formula Two, would be launched in 2009 and used as an inexpensive platform to develop emerging driver talent for Formula One. It is hoped this can be achieved within a budget of around €200,000 a car per season.”

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