Ferrari: Felipe Massa confident for fight back 

Written by David on August 10th, 2007 at 8:41 pmLast Update: August 10th, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Felipe MassaFerrari’s Brazilian driver, Felipe Massa still believes that his team can fight back in the remaining races of this season, but he isn’t expecting the Scuderia Ferrari to be ahead of McLaren in all races.

“I trust the team and I am sure we can repeat some of the very good results we had earlier this year,” said Massa. “Fortunately, many of the upcoming circuits will be much better suited to our package and I am sure we can win some races. It is true that some circuits did not suit us so well this year and that our main rivals have been more consistent than us in terms of performance and in fact in terms of reliability, as they had no real mechanical problems during the races. We have had some problems, which is why they are ahead of us in both championships at the moment. But we still have six races to fight back. We just need to keep working hard, but it won’t be easy to be ahead of them in every race. There is no testing now for a while, but at least that is the same for everyone and of course, the guys are working hard back in the factory,” he added.

Felipe, who did not score any points in Hungary after finishing 13th, admitted the Hungaroring race had been the worst of his career. “Looking back at Hungary, it was definitely a frustrating race for me, in fact I can go further and say it was actually the worst race in my whole career,” said Massa on his official blog. Everything started from the problem on Saturday afternoon, because if I had started from the front row, which was a definite possibility, I had a very good chance of fighting for a podium finish. But anyway, Saturday’s events were not nice to live through. It was a combination of mistakes from the team and driver, which lost me the chance of having a fight on Sunday. The race itself, starting towards the back and basically staying there, without any real opportunities to pass anybody, was very frustrating. Of course, we had chosen to start with a very heavy car in terms of fuel load and that meant it was not so easy to fight.”

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