Fernando Alonso: “Barcelona podium, a dream” 

Written by David on April 07th, 2008 at 5:00 pmLast Update: April 07th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

Fernando AlonsoDouble World Champion Fernando Alonso has admitted at the end of the Bahraini Grand Prix, that Renault is currently the eighth slowest team on the grid. “We are no longer only behind Ferrari, McLaren and BMW. Ahead of us as well are Toyota, Williams, Honda and Red Bull,” said the Spaniard to EFE news agency, excluding at the same time a possible podium in the Spanish Grand Prix, when several updates will be already introduced onto the R28.

“We are pinning our hopes on the improvements for Barcelona. We really need it to work for us, otherwise you could say that Fisichella made the better move for 2008. A podium finish in Barcelona? That’s impossible, because we need to find one second per lap. That has never been done in the history of any team. For now, the podium is a fantasy, a dream”, he added.

“What we are looking to do now is to get on to the level of Toyota, for example to easily go into Q2 and Q3 and then race to be behind the top three teams,” concluded the Spaniard.

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