Europe Grand Prix: Fernando Alonso wins chaotic GP 

Written by David on July 22nd, 2007 at 4:34 pmLast Update: July 22nd, 2007 at 6:36 pm

Fernando Alonso winner Europe Grand Prix Nurburging 2007Simply incredible today’s Grand Prix of Europe: a tremendous rain over Nurburgring’s circuit caused the suspension of the race (red flag) during the very first laps; race that resumed after 15′ with Safety Car. McLaren’s Spanish driver, Fernando Alonso, won the race after having surpassed Felipe Massa’s Ferrari just five laps before the finish flag. Kimi Raikkonen retired after 35 laps, Lewis Hamilton 9th.

Let’s analyze, lap by lap, the crucial moments of today’s chaotic but at the same time amazing Grand Prix:

Lap 1 – Raikkonen, starting from Pole, manages to keep his position and leads the race just ahead of his teammate Massa who, with an excellent start, overtakes Alonso. But, immediately after the first turn, a heavy rain starts to fall over Nurburgring’s circuit and all drivers are forced to change their tires in the pits. Only Kimi Raikkonen decides to continue the race with dry tires.

Lap 1 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Lap 2 – Unbelievable: in just a bunch of seconds and at the same turn, Button, Hamilton, Rosberg, Sutil, Speed and Liuzzi are out of the track, blocked in the gravel. The track seems more a lake than a race circuit. Helped by a crane, only Lewis is successful at getting back in the race. The Safety Car enters.

Lap 2 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Lap 4 – Red Flag. The Grand Prix is momentarily suspended for heavy rain. Markus Winkelhock with his new team, Spyker Racing, is leading the Grand Prix helped by his team decision to use rain tires right from the start.

Lap 4 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

- The cars are disposed on the grid with the mechanics occupied in choosing the right tires; the rain has stopped and the weather is sunny.

- The stewards are cleaning the track; the new race start will take place under Safety Car.

Lap 5 - The Grand Prix starts again under Safety-Car. Markus Winkelhock is leading the race in front of Massa and Alonso. Hamilton starts from last place: the aid of the crane has been considered necessary for emergency reasons.

Lap 5 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Lap 6 – All cars are still following the Safety-Car.

Lap 7 – Hamilton gets back in the pits for a tire change (dry tires). The Safety-Car, leaves the track; Massa and Alonso are overtaking on Winkelhock.

Lap 9 – Massa ahead of Alonso, Coulthard, Webber, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Wurz and Fisichella.

Lap 10 – Hamilton on the gravel: choosing dry tires has been revealed premature.

Lap 11 – Pit stop for Raikkonen: dry tires mounted.

Lap 12 – Pit stop for Massa and Alonso.

Lap 13 – After tire change and refuel, the first six drivers are: Massa, Alonso, Raikkonen, Webber, Wurz, Kovalainen. Winkelhock out.

Lap 15 – Both Ferraris are really fast; Alonso is under pressure.

Lap 19 – Kovalainen overtakes Wurz and gets fifth position. Ralf Schumacher in the gravel after a collision with Nick Heidfel.

Lap 20 – Sato out.

Lap 23 – Massa leading the GP followed by Alonso and Raikkonen. Webber, fourth, 19” behind. Hamilton last.

Lap 26 – Webber fourth, Kovalainen fifth, Wurz sixth, Coulthard seventh, Kubica eighth, Heidfeld nineth and Fisichella tenth.

Lap 30 – Fastest lap for Felipe Massa with 7” gap from Alonso in second place.

Lap 34 – Hamilton overtakes amazingly Fisichella and gets 13th position.

Lap 36 – Withdrawal for Raikkonen’s Ferrari; the bad luck continues for Kimi.

Lap 36 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Lap 37 – Pit stop for Alonso. Hamilton overtakes Jarno Trulli’s Toyota and takes 12th position.

Lap 38 – Pit stop for Massa who manages to keep the lead.

Lap 40 – Massa leading the race with 6” gap from Alonso. Another position gained from Hamilton; he is now on 10th.

Lap 44 – Massa still leading; Hamilton doubled by Felipe.

Lap 45 – A piece from Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault, falls in the middle of the track.

Lap 50 – The weather is cloudy again: there’s a big risk of heavy rain.

Lap 51 – The rain starts to fall again.

Lap 53 – Pit stop for Massa and Alonso. Fernando risks a serious collision with Fisichella in the pitlane.

Lap 55 – Alonso puts pressure on Massa and overtakes him; now, he’s in first place.

Lap 55 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Lap 56 – Alonso’s McLaren is clearly faster in wet conditions than Massa’s Ferrari.

Final lap 60 – Fernando Alonso wins the European Grand Prix at Nurburging: Massa 2nd, Webber 3rd, Wurz 4th, Coulthard 5th, Heidfeld 6th, Kubica 7th and Kovalainen 8th. Hamilton 9th, no points for him this time.

Lap 60 Europe GP Nurburgring 2007

Europe GP (German GP) Final (Race) Standings:

  1. F. Alonso (McLaren Mercedes)
  2. F. Massa (Ferrari)
  3. M. Webber (Red Bull)
  4. A. Wurz (Williams)
  5. D. Coulthard (Red Bull)
  6. N. Heidfeld (BMW Sauber)
  7. R. Kubica (BMW Sauber)
  8. H. Kovalainen (Renault)
  9. L. Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes)
  10. G. Fisichella (Renault)
  11. R. Barrichello (Honda)
  12. A. Davidson (Super Aguri)
  13. J. Trulli (Toyota)

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