Drivers support FOTA over 2010 rules 

Trulli: "The rules for 2010 are absolutely not good"

Written by David on June 07th, 2009 at 12:01 pmLast Update: June 07th, 2009 at 12:01 pm

The F1 drivers and the FOTA team principals had a meeting earlier this morning at the Toyota motorhome in Turkey to discuss and be informed on the current dispute between the FOTA teams and FIA president Max Mosley over next year’s regulations and budget cap.

Toyota veteran driver Jarno Trulli stated at the end of the meeting that drivers are supporting their teams, suggesting also that the rules for the 2010 season are ‘not good for the sport’.

“All the drivers have the same feeling: to follow FOTA and respect above all the work they are doing on the coming rules and the running of F1 in a serious way for the future,” said Trulli.

“We were called today to be kept informed because of the rules not being clear and, being one of the few things that we have read, do not work and needed to be talked about from our part for reasons of safety,” he explained.

“Concerning the 2010 rules, which we do not in any case consider are adequate, we share the same vision as FOTA,” he added.

“Mosley must understand that there are some things that cannot happen,” continued the Italian. “The rules for 2010 are absolutely not good because Formula 1 must remain the number one sport in the world, with great technology and with the manufacturers.”

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