Brawn GP: 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix preview 

Written by Nick on April 22nd, 2009 at 12:29 pmLast Update: April 22nd, 2009 at 12:29 pm

Ross Brawn: “As the first four grands prix take place over just a five-week period, it has been an intense and demanding start to the season for the Brawn GP team. Australia, Malaysia and China produced some fantastic racing and I am very pleased with how the team responded to the challenges that we have faced. This was particularly the case in China last weekend where the team and the drivers did an excellent job. Although we were not able to challenge for the victory in the dramatic and unexpectedly wet conditions, we consolidated our championship position with two strong points-scoring results.”

Rubens Barrichello: “Bahrain is not a particularly quick track but it is an interesting one from a driver’s perspective. From a technical point of view, braking and traction are crucial and you need good straightline speed to maximise the long straights, so the strength of our Mercedes-Benz engine will prove a real advantage here. It can turn very windy, particularly in the afternoon, which causes sand to be blown onto the track affecting the grip levels. This can be a particular challenge in qualifying when everyone is trying to be out on track at the last minute when the circuit is cleanest. The last two race weekends have turned out to be really eventful with the weather affecting the outcome in Malaysia and China but hopefully we can expect a dry race here in Bahrain this weekend.”

Jenson Button: “Bahrain is always one of my favourite races on the calendar as I love the country and the circuit has some great fast flowing sections that really suit my driving style and allow you to push the car to its limits. It’s a good circuit for overtaking, particularly at Turn 1 after the long straight where you brake very hard from over 300kph in seventh gear down to first gear. People tend to brake surprisingly early here so you can make up crucial ground if you are brave. Confidence under braking is the key to a quick lap. You have to believe in the car’s performance and have full confidence that you can stop effectively.”

source: Brawn GP

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