Toyota: 2008 Singapore Grand Prix preview 

Written by David on September 22nd, 2008 at 8:23 pmLast Update: September 22nd, 2008 at 8:23 pm

Panasonic ToyotaPascal Vasselon: “We have experienced several new venues since 2004 and generally everything goes smoothly. We are used to handling the challenge of a new track so that doesn’t worry us. Obviously we have studied the lay-out in Singapore and we have found similarities to other tracks which lead us to conclude it will be a high-downforce circuit. So we know which direction to go in terms of aerodynamic set-up. We have made one or two small tweaks to our aero package and we expect the TF108 to suit the characteristics of the Singapore track. One of the other things we looked at early on was braking severity – this is very important because if you have to make changes it takes time. There is no doubt that Singapore will be very demanding on brakes and we expect them to be working at very high temperatures. Everyone is very much looking forward to the race and we have high hopes.”

Timo Glock: “Night racing is good fun and a great show for the fans. I competed in a night race at Las Vegas in 2005 when I was racing in the United States and that was a different experience, especially as it was on an oval. It is no problem driving at night generally because the lights make it seem more like daylight but it is a bit strange to be racing at a time when normally you are resting. I have actually already driven the TF108 at night, on a demo run in Valencia in January, but it will be a totally different experience this weekend. The venue in Singapore looks fantastic and I am really looking forward to this race because I believe we have a good chance to score more points. Things didn’t work out for us in Monza, with the changing track conditions coming at just the wrong time for our strategy and the fight for fourth in the Constructors’ Championship is very close now. We are really motivated to come out on top.”

Jarno Trulli: “Singapore is a new challenge for everyone because it is the first time we will race there and the first time to race at night. We don’t know exactly how the track will be or how challenging the conditions could be, so it will be very interesting. For any new circuit, Friday practice is really important because that is when you can understand the track and that is particularly true in Singapore when we are driving at different times compared to a normal weekend. It is going to be a challenge for everyone and I am looking forward to it. It looks like it will be an amazing Grand Prix and I can’t wait to experience the city because I have been several times but only for brief visits. I usually adapt very quickly to new tracks thanks to the time I spent in karting and the team was strong in Valencia on a new circuit so I am feeling pretty good about this weekend. High-downforce tracks suit our car very well and after bad luck in Spa and Monza I am looking forward to returning to the points.”

source: Toyota

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  1. samuel tan says:

    Formula 1 racing has never been so exciting ever. Championship points are only separated by managable points until the end of the season. Now, We will be seeing for the first time a night race to be held in Singapore. I wish that the FIA will continue to explore more new concepts to make the racing more exciting and ennovative. I wish you more power in your endeavour to achieve better racing quality.

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