Ron Dennis still irritated for espionage scandal 

Written by David on July 08th, 2007 at 7:47 amLast Update: July 08th, 2007 at 8:17 am

Ron Dennis still irritated for espionage scandalMcLaren boss Ron Dennis has been so deeply upset by this week’s espionage drama that not even Lewis Hamilton claiming pole position could stop him looking miserable at Silverstone on Saturday. Dennis has defended his team passionately against allegations that they might have gained an unfair advantage by using information leaked to them by ex-Ferrari engineer Nigel Stepney.McLaren has suspended Mike Coughlan, the employee who received the information from Stepney, and complied fully with the FIA investigation into the affair.

But even Hamilton’s stellar qualifying performance could not bring a smile to Dennis’ face on a week in which he believes the reputation of his beloved team has been dragged through the mud.”I got a bit of a lecture from Norbert about half an hour ago for looking miserable,” Dennis told reporters after qualifying. “Actually I am massively hacked off by the whole thing, to be honest. There still seems to be a strong desire to penalise McLaren for a set of circumstances that are completely out of its control and it’s a cloud that I don’t like living under.I am still massively upset. But putting that aside, I am even more upset about the reaction from a whole range of people who have known this company and me for years and yet are quite happy to dance on the grave, as it were.”

Dennis refused to be drawn into giving sensational quotes about Hamilton, instead preferring to Fernando Alonso who qualified in third position. “If I start eulogising about anybody, I would probably start with Fernando,” Dennis said. “He’s a double world champion who really gets on with the job and is very focused and really has an intense desire to win. With Lewis it is easy to eulogise about his performance because he is new to Formula One. But I want to be balanced.”

Source: AFP

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