Max Mosley: FIA yet to decide on McLaren for 2008 season 

Written by David on September 25th, 2007 at 6:01 pmLast Update: September 25th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

Max MosleyFIA president Max Mosley believes that the sport’s governing body will have no choice but to punish McLaren further if there is any evidence of Ferrari-inspired parts on their 2008 car. The design of McLaren’s future chassis will be evaluated by the FIA later this year to ensure that it is free of any components that could have been inspired by intellectual property from Ferrari.

And although McLaren have always insisted that no Ferrari parts was even used on their 2007 car, Mosley has warned that the FIA will have no hesitation in taking action if they feel there are questionable parts. “Everything will come out in detail and we will all be surprised,” Mosley was quoted by The Daily Express as saying about the still looming legal action over the matter. I feel the only way to have a fair championship in 2008 would have been to exclude McLaren but that would probably have put them out of business. It would have been correct to throw Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton out of this year’s drivers’ championship but in the World Motor Sport Council, hearts ruled heads. If there was serious evidence of Ferrari’s influence in any McLaren design, however, we would have to take action. We don’t want this to drag on but I don’t feel it has harmed F1. The fans and sponsors who are putting in huge sums of money want to know the sport is honest.”

Mosley has also hit back at criticisms from former world champion Jackie Stewart about his handling of the affair. “There’s one particular ex-driver who because he never stops talking, never has the chance to listen, so he doesn’t know what’s going on,” Mosley was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail. “He said the FIA’s decision would not have worked in a civil court. He has no qualification to say that. Then he starts saying this is personal between me and Ron Dennis, at great length, because everything he does is at extreme length. It’s annoying that some of the sponsors listen to him because he’s won a few championships. But nobody else in Formula One does — not the teams, not the drivers. He’s a figure of fun among drivers.” He added: “He goes round dressed up as a 1930s music hall man. He’s a certified halfwit.”

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