Kimi Raikkonen anxious about Monza’s Italian Grand Prix 

Written by David on September 05th, 2007 at 10:48 amLast Update: September 05th, 2007 at 10:48 am

Kimi Raikkonen Monza 2007 Italian Grand PrixThis will be a very special weekend for Kimi Raikkonen, when he will race for the first time as a Ferrari driver at Monza and in a couple of very special races. “It’s a fact that what we drivers like most is racing: that’s our passion,” said Kimi. “That’s why I am a bit anxious about the next two races, at Monza and Spa-Francorchamps. I had the same feeling before the back-to-back races at Magny-Cours and Silverstone last July. Well, having seen how it went there, I hope this is a good sign”

Last week Kimi tested for two days at Monza. “That was a good test, where we could try out some new things for the car. Looking at the times, I think you can say that we have a fierce fight ahead of us; but you never know how much fuel the others use during the tests, so we’ll only see during the qualifying what the situation is really like. I’ll race at Monza for the first time with a Ferrari and it will be really special to feel the heat of the tifosi: I can’t wait to see all the flags with the Prancing Horse on the grandstands. I always liked the atmosphere at this track. Already during the test many fans came to see us there and it’s good to know that you can rely on their support. This is a very special track from the technical point of view; it’s different from all the others. You need good aerodynamics, so you remain stable over the curbs, to be quick; but you also need a great engine, as you give it all for most of the lap. Traditionally Ferrari has been very competitive here, but also McLaren has been very strong, during the years when I raced for them, but for some reason or another I never managed to win. Let’s hope we can make it this time, by being perfect from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Winning the homerace of Ferrari would be a great feeling.”

Five races to go, 16 points to catch up: “My goal has to be to make up points on all of those who are ahead of me in the standings. The more we can close the gap on Alonso and Hamilton the better it is for me and Felipe. All the upcoming races are crucial: we can’t commit any more mistakes. The team gives 110% and we have to beat our competitors and need to gain more points than them every time. After the tests at Monza I went home to Switzerland. I cycled, went to the gym and watched the World Championships in Athletics in Osaka. I was really happy for my fellow-countryman Tero Pitkamaki in javelin throw: it seemed that he had some problems during qualifying, but in the competition he was really good and could win. Let’s hope we can do the same in the last races of the year!”

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