Jo Ramirez: “Without Ron Dennis McLaren will be doomed” 

Written by David on March 04th, 2008 at 4:05 pmLast Update: March 04th, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Jo RamirezFor almost 20 years McLaren’s team coordinator, Jo Ramirez is the man who worked the most alongside Ron Dennis, in nearly three decades in which the latter was in charge of the British team. Ramirez, who left McLaren in 2001, says that if Ron Dennis decides to leave his Team Principal role and “pass it” to Martin Whitmarsh, the British team could go into decline.

“Without Ron McLaren will be doomed. I’ve been at McLaren for 19 years and am incredibly patient. Nor do I intend to be the Judas who knifed Ron in the back.”

“Martin Whitmarsh is a good man – but a hundred Martin Whitmarshes could not replace Ron. If he does go, it will be very bad for the team.”

“Ron is really, really down. What happened last year has really hurt him. I think Max Mosley wants to destroy him, but I cannot understand it – Ron does not deserve that.”

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