Ferrari testing a new engine 

Written by David on July 03rd, 2007 at 8:25 pmLast Update: July 03rd, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Ferrari F1 EngineAn evolution of Ferrari’s actual engine is running on the bench at Maranello and could possibly make its debut this Sunday at Silverstone’s Circuit; another “weapon” in order to try beating Lewis Hamilton on his home Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso: “Right now, Ferrari are the main favorites in winning the championship”.

And now, assault on Silverstone! This year’s first one-two, gained right in the day that Jean Todt was celebrating his 14 years in charge of Ferrari F1 team (he became its Sporting Manager on 1st July 1993), demonstrates that Ferrari is ready to ruin the “party” that Lewis Hamilton and his team, McLaren, were planning for next Sunday at Silverstone…winning the GP with the first English driver in fight for the Championship since Damon Hill’s days (1996).

The favorites – “During Silverstone’s Grand Prix, they (McLaren) will do everything in order to support him (Hamilton) – Fernando Alonso, said – but i’m saying so without any hassle since they made the same for me in Spain”. The “dream” of the two times World Champion broke up in front of Ferrari’s superiority and now, threatens being repeated on the English Circuit. “They are the favorites” admits Alonso, rethinking how much Maranello’s team had been able to do during the last weekend and most importantly during Silverstone’s test, two weeks ago. Among other things, Ferrari is planning a surprise: in these days is running on the bench for the last tests the V8 evolution engine that had been tested at Silverstone last week.

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