Fernando Alonso reacts on Hamilton’s penalty escape 

Written by David on October 06th, 2007 at 6:45 amLast Update: October 06th, 2007 at 6:45 am

Fernando Alonso in need of a miracle for titleFernando Alonso has openly questioned the stewards’ decision not to penalize his teamzmate Lewis Hamilton for driving erratically behind the safety car last Sunday. The 22 year old Spaniard told the Spanish newspaper Diario As on Friday: “I am sure that if it was me under investigation, I would have gone to sleep with a penalty.”

The Spaniard is probably recalling his infamous Monza penalty last year, applied after stewards ruled that he impeded Felipe Massa’s qualifying lap. Alonso said of the Hamilton investigation: “But I do not know, because I haven’t seen the YouTube clip of the Vettel-Webber crash.”

Reigning world champion Alonso, who is 12 points behind Hamilton after his Fuji Speedway crash, said Hamilton had been warned by race director Charlie Whiting about his driving behind the safety car at Monza last month, after ‘some drivers complained.’ “The race director reminded us before Fuji what you can do, warm up your tyres, zig-zag, but with a constant speed. He said ‘you can move, but not change your speed all the time.”

source: GMM

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