Espionage scandal: Max Mosley, “Risks even for the drivers” 

Written by David on July 07th, 2007 at 6:26 pmLast Update: July 07th, 2007 at 8:00 pm

Max Mosley, FIA PresidentFIA’s President, Max Mosley, attacks Bernie Ecclestone: “During the last few years we haven’t faced such scandals. Only in exceptional cases, were punished the Teams and not the drivers”. “Everything should be clarified within the next three weeks”.

Silverstone, July 7th 2007 – “This is, without any doubt the biggest scandal ever for our sport during the last few years”. Max Mosley, FIA’s President, is straight in defining the espionage case that has involved Ferrari, McLaren and some engineers.

Standby -  “We’re looking into the whole thing at the moment – Mosley told reporters – and when we’ve got all the facts then we will decide what to do. We prefer to wait for the result of the investigation; everything, however, will be made with the maximum transparency. We don’t have authority on people, but we will judge only the Teams. Is McLaren risking? I can’t say it today”.

Press Conference -  Previously, Mosley, told the reporters: “I hope that, as far as the sport is concerned, it should all be clarified within the next three weeks. We’re examining all the facts and later we’ll decide what to do. Both McLaren and Ferrari are giving us all the information that we want. In regard to the Honda matter, Mosley stated: “There is no suggestion that Honda are in any way involved in this business”.

Drivers are risking -  The drivers, instead, are risking. Contrarily with what Bernie Ecclestone previously had stated, Max Mosley said “Only in exceptional cases, were punished the Teams and not the drivers”. The question is: if Mclaren is found guilty, will even the drivers pay for that?…we’ll see.


  1. aril says:

    If team score’s are deduct from championship points if found guilty, the driver points should follow? that would be fair. Hope ferrari win the case.

  2. Alex says:

    That’s exactly Max Mosley’s point. If McLaren is found guilty of having “used” Ferrari’s technology, obviously both Alonso and Hamilton will be risking loosing points as they’re driving a McLaren car. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both good drivers but if that will be the case, they’ll have to blame their own Team.

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