Bridgestone to mark extreme wet tires 

Written by David on March 07th, 2008 at 2:57 pmLast Update: March 07th, 2008 at 2:57 pm

Bridgestone Motorsport slick tiresBridgestone Motorsport has confirmed that for the upcoming season their extreme wet tires will be marked with a white line in the bottom of the central groove. This is in addition to marking the softer of the two dry tire compounds at each race. The tire marking, which will be present from the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne onwards, has been introduced at the request of the teams and in consultation with the FIA to make Bridgestone’s extreme wet weather tires visibly distinguishable from the wet weather tires.

Hiroshi Yasukawa, said: “Throughout the 2008 Formula One season Bridgestone will continue to mark the softer of the two dry weather tires at each event with a white line along the bottom of the second from inside groove. However, we will now extend the use of the white tire marking to our extreme wet weather tires. We hope this change will enable spectators of the sport to have a clearer understanding of the strategies used by all 11 Formula One teams when racing in the wet. Bridgestone is pleased to be able to play a part in increasing Formula One fans’ enjoyment of the sport.”

source: Bridgestone

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