Brazilian GP: lap by lap highlights 

Written by David on October 21st, 2007 at 9:04 pmLast Update: October 21st, 2007 at 9:04 pm

Jean Todt and Kimi RaikkonenBrazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos: lap by lap race highlights.

Lap 1 – Race started! Massa and Raikkonen are leading the race, Fernando Alonso on 3rd, Lewis Hamilton makes a mistake and travels through the gravel but manages to get back on track. Hamilton is on 7th. Incident between Fisichella and Yamamoto on Spyker.

Lap 2 – Alonso still on 3rd followed by Mark Webber on 4th, Kubica on 5th, Heidfeld on 6th and Hamilton on 7th.

Lap 3 – Both Ferrari are really fast; Alonso has a 3” gap from Raikkonen.

Lap 4 – Lewis Hamilton overtakes Nick Heidfeld and gets the 6th position.

Lap 7 – Robert Kubica on BMW overtakes Webber. Meanwhile Lewis Hamilton appears to have gearbox problems but manages to continue the race; he’s now on 18th.

Lap 10 – Massa 1st, Raikkonen 2nd and Alonso 3rd with 7” gap form the Ferraris

Lap 12 – Massa and Raikkonen with 9” gap on Alonso. Hamilton on 16th position with 46”.

Lap 15 - Lewis Hamilton after overtaking some vehicles gets the 12th position.

Lap 16 – Hamilton overtakes Nakajima and gets on 11th.

Lap 19 – Pit stop for Felipe Massa

Lap 20 – Pit Stop for Kimi Raikkonen

Lap 21 – Pit Stop for Fernando Alonso

Lap 22 – Pit Stop for Lewis Hamilton

Lap 23 – Massa 1st, Raikkonen 2nd, Heidfeld 3rd

Lap 24 – Pit Stop for Heidfled.

Lap 29 – Hamilton with a smart move overtakes Rubens Barrichello; Hamilton on 12th position.

Lap 32 – Robert Kubica overtakes Fernando Alonso. Hamilton on 9th; with these standings, Kimi Raikkonen wins the title

Lap 36 – Pit Stop for Hamilton

Lap 39 – Alonso gets back the 3rd position after Kubica’s pit stop. Heikki Kovalainen crashes; his race is over.

Lap 44 – Raikkonen going fast; he’s reaching Massa on 1st. Fernando Alonso has a gap of 35” from the Ferraris

Lap 49 – Pit Stop for Massa

Lap 52 – Pit stop for Kimi Raikkonen; he gets back on track in front of his teammate Massa. Right now, Kimi Raikkonen is holding the Drivers’ Championship in his hands.

Lap 56 – Pit Stop for Hamilton

Lap 60 – Raikkonen 1st, Massa 2nd, Alonso 3rd, Kubica 4th, Rosberg 5th, Heidfeld 6th, Trulli 7th, Hamilton 8th.

Lap 68 – Only 3 laps remaining for Kimi Raikkonen in order to win the Championship.

Lap 71 – It’s done: Kimi Raikkonen wins the 2007 Formula One Drivers’ Championship! His teammate Felipe Massa places 2nd, Fernando Alonso 3rd. Hamilton 7th.

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