BMW Sauber: 2009 European Grand Prix preview 

Written by David on August 14th, 2009 at 7:20 pmLast Update: August 14th, 2009 at 7:21 pm

Willy Rampf: “The race in Valencia was a new addition to the calendar last year and represents a real gain for Formula 1. The track, which is built into the port area of the city and has 25 corners, boasts a unique character all of its own. It is a street circuit, but cannot really be compared with Monaco, for example. Indeed, it is wider and allows a much higher average speed. Plus, there are generous run-off areas at practically all the potential trouble spots around the track, which guarantees a high level of safety. Despite the two-week summer break, during which the factory in Hinwil was closed, we will bring a development package to Valencia headed by numerous aerodynamic parts.”

Robert Kubica: “I really enjoyed the Valencia circuit a lot. I like the character of stop-and-go tracks. In Valencia you have a lot of long straights followed by narrow corners and long straights again. That means a lot of heavy braking. It was very hot there last year as the track is between concrete walls and there is not a lot of air. These conditions are very tough for the car’s cooling. Last year I performed quite well in Valencia.”

Mario Theissen: “Clearly we’re all disappointed about the decision to withdraw from Formula 1. The team had established itself at the top in just three years and we would love to have shown that the poor results we’ve had this season were just a blip. Now our work is focusing on the next few months. While efforts are continuing behind the scenes to find a solution for the team, everybody is aware that putting in good performances at the circuits is the best way to advertise their abilities. We want to get back into the fast lane, and so the development packages for Valencia and Singapore will be put into practice as planned.”

Nick Heidfeld: “Valencia is a street circuit, but it doesn’t drive like one. In fact it’s just like one of the modern race tracks. You’re not right up against the buildings, there isn’t the tightness you usually get at street circuits, but there are run-off areas. I’m excited to find out what effect the latest modifications will have on our car. Valencia is a great city, of course, and I’m looking forward to going back to a fine restaurant which I discovered on my last visit.”

source: BMW Sauber

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