Alonso not concerned about crashing with Hamilton on track 

Written by David on September 28th, 2007 at 3:31 pmLast Update: September 28th, 2007 at 3:32 pm

Fernando Alonso McLaren imminent divorce?World champion Fernando Alonso says he is not concerned about him and McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton crashing on track. The duo came close to making contact at the start of the Belgian Grand Prix, with Hamilton later criticising Alonso for what he believed was a too harsh move from the Spaniard.

Hamilton said yesterday he would talk to Alonso this weekend in order to avoid problems on track, but the two-time champion made it clear he was not worried about that, saying both were smart enough as to not crash into each other.

“Again, I think it’s not very important. Spa is gone and we will talk about this weekend,” Alonso told reporters. “We’ll talk about this circuit and the low grip of the circuit, so it’s a very normal relationship and very good.” He added: “In Spa we didn’t crash. I think we will never crash into the other one. We are fighting for the world championship but at the same time we are intelligent people and we try to finish the races. In any incident you don’t know if you’ll be the one to stop in turn one, so we cannot have that risk. We all want to win, but we all want to cross the line at the end of the race so this will not happen.”

Hamilton said he will do his best to beat Alonso fairly. “Well, I didn’t push him to the wall, I gave him plenty of room. I should have pushed him in the wall,” joked Hamilton. “I just try to be a fair driver, I just try to do the talking on the track, do it with the results. So, coming into this race I’m just gonna try to beat him. That’s gonna hurt him more than putting him in the wall, I think. “I won’t be leaving him any room next time, as simple as that.”

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