2010 Hungarian GP, race: Team quotes 

Written by David on August 01st, 2010 at 6:57 pmLast Update: August 01st, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Martin Whitmarsh: “Obviously, we’re disappointed with our haul of world championship points here in Hungary, but we remain in hot contention for the drivers’ world championship and the constructors’ world championship, and it’s all still to play for in the last seven grands prix of the season. Lewis made a decent start this afternoon, but then got squeezed into Turn One and dropped a place. He then did really well to pass Vitaly [Petrov] on lap two, and the boys then pulled off a really slick pit stop to get him ahead of Felipe [Massa], too. As the race unfolded, it became clear that, had he not suffered a gearbox failure, Lewis would probably have finished third. So that’s very frustrating. Jenson made a good start but then got boxed in at Turn One and also lost time avoiding Michael [Schumacher] as he [Schumacher] ran wide and then rejoined the track. But, from 15th at the end of lap one, Jenson then drove patiently and determinedly all afternoon, slogging his way to four world championship points as a result. After the summer shutdown, we’ll come back fully refreshed and utterly determined to apply ourselves as hard as is humanly possible to take world championship honours this season. We’ve got lots of good people, we’ve got lots of good ideas, and we’re prepared to do lots of work. We always knew that this year’s world championship was going to be a tough battle, but we’re up for that tough battle – so bring it on!”

Patrick Head: “Today was a good result for the team. I am pleased that Nico had a strong race and Rubens showed that he has a passion for racing that has characterised his career. Rubens also set the third fastest lap of the race.”

Mike Gascoyne: “An excellent two car finish and once again we’re the best of the new teams. Both drivers drove strong races and Jarno had a particularly good start. Once the safety car came out we made a strategy call to keep Jarno out as we knew it would be a short period behind the safety car and this was the right strategy for the team. Unfortunately this meant Jarno lost a place to his teammate, so apologies to him, but we got the call right for the team. Heikki drove a good strong race to the end. He was bottled up behind Di Grassi at the start, but once he’d got past he was very comfortable running to the flag. All in all a really good result, and a very good day for the team.”

Kamarudin Meranun: “It was a very exciting race and moments like this are the ones you want to cherish. We made a very good decision with Heikki when the safety car came out, and both he and Jarno drove really well to keep their positions to the end. It’s a great day for the team, and I’ve just given Tony a challenge – let’s see you beat that next time you’re on the pitwall!”

John Booth: “This isn’t the result we were hoping for as we had an excellent weekend up until the race and a car good enough to finish ahead of the other new teams today. But we take away from Hungary the same sense of satisfaction at the underlying car performance that we have enjoyed for the past few races and the knowledge that there’s more of that to come in the remaining seven races. For now though our team head off on the summer break and to say that is richly deserved is something of an understatement. We have come so far since March and the guys have done an incredible job. I’m very proud of our team and I know there will be even more to come when we return to the track to race in Spa in four weeks’ time.”

Nick Wirth: “The results don’t lie and the combination of getting boxed in at the start, plus a pitstop problem effectively put us behind and once there, the nature of this track plus the blue flags meant that any possibility of finishing higher was over after the safety car. Still, we leave here with a lot of positive feelings – we are clearly performing at a good level now and the fact that we ended qualifying and the race with clearly the fastest laps of the new teams and a solid and reliable two-car finish gives us a good platform for the next phase of the season, where we must continue this trend of improving performance.”

Ross Brawn: “Today was very disappointing for the team but sometimes these experiences happen and it is important that we learn from them. Nico and Michael struggled with their starts from the dirty side of the grid and it certainly cost Nico a place. The early safety car brought everyone in for their pit stops with our drivers due in quick succession. We had a problem with the right rear wheel during Nico’s stop and his car was sent without the wheel nut being properly fitted. We will have a thorough investigation into the incident and report our conclusions to the FIA. We are thankful that no serious harm was caused by the stray wheel and send our best wishes to the Williams mechanic who was unfortunately injured. Michael’s stop followed just under five seconds later and he was held whilst we sorted out the problem to ensure there was not a reoccurrence. This cost him a lot of track time at a crucial point and he came out down the field. Michael and Rubens had a tough battle in the closing laps which the stewards ultimately felt was too tough. We don’t necessarily agree with their decision but we do accept the penalty. It’s been a tough weekend but we will go away, lick our wounds and come back stronger at the next few races.”

Norbert Haug: “A very disappointing result for our team. Nico and Michael were not able to score points due to problems during their pit stops. Thankfully the mechanic who was hit by the tyre was quickly released from his check-up in the medical centre and our apologies to him and the Williams team. Our pace was not great but we should have scored points which ultimately, due to the above mentioned problems, we did not. We now have a well deserved summer break for our hard-working team and we will try to do better in Spa.”

Colin Kolles: “We are very happy about another double car finish here in Hungary. Our performance was much better than yesterday’s and we could improve a lot. The gap to the other teams was smaller than expected and during the safety car period and the following pit stops, we could even win a position. We decided to work on different strategies. Bruno Senna started on option tyres and changed to prime tyres at the pit stops while Sakon Yamamoto used first the prime tyres and changed then to the option tyres. It was a good result for our team again and everyone did a great job this weekend. Now we are having a summer break and after it, we want to tie in this positive result.”

Christian Horner: “A fantastic 100th Grand Prix weekend for Red Bull Racing. It was a really dominant performance from us to win the race today. The safety car came out at probably one of the worst times in the race. We split the strategies, as the only way to get Mark back ahead of the Ferraris was to outrun them at the safety car restart. Unfortunately, at the re-start, Sebastian dropped too far behind Mark and got a penalty as a result. Mark then got his head down, as he had to pull out a twenty second lead to Fernando in order to do the pit-stop and stay ahead. He drove an awesome 20 laps to achieve the required gap and win the race. For Sebastian, it was a great shame to receive the penalty. He pushed Fernando as hard as he could for the remaining thirty laps, but it’s very difficult to overtake here. A one/ three finish puts us in the lead of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships going into the summer break, which will give the team a chance to recharge their batteries in preparation for what will be a very intense final third of the Championship.”

Fabrice Lom: “What an incredible race to finish the first part of the season. It was an action-packed race and despite our very quick car, our opponents had some opportunities. Fortunately we won and scored a lot of points. We are now in the lead of both championships, which is a very good result. All the guys at the factory can go on holiday with a clear mind. We will aim to continue with this momentum in the second half of the season. Congratulations to Red Bull on it’s 100th race weekend and congratulations to Renault.”

Vijay Mallya: “A difficult race, but we probably got as much as we could from it from Tonio’s side. The pace was good but he just couldn’t find a way past on the twisty track. Adrian was very unfortunate to be taken out by the Renault, and it’s very frustrating from our side as we would have had a good chance of picking up some points without that incident. Ultimately we’ve missed the points again, but we’ve got some tracks coming up that should suit us a lot better so we’ve got to keep looking forwards and focussed on maximising every opportunity.”

Peter Sauber: “This result for the team’s 300th Grand Prix is just great and a big relief. It was a fantastic effort from the drivers and the team who all did a fantastic job. Congratulations to everybody! Pedro lost two positions following the start but then drove very consistently and fast and had no problems keeping Jenson Button behind him and scored six valuable points. We knew that Kamui is a good race starter, but what he did today was simply outstanding. He gained seven places on lap one and finally finished ninth coming from 23rd. With this result in the bag the summer break will be particularly sweet.”

James Key: “A great result for the team to get both cars in the points and very solidly too. Pedro drove very well. He lost two places at the start, but in the mêlée of the situation with the safety car he gained positions. Then he held on very well and was just part of a train behind the cars ahead of him. For Kamui to come from P23 to ninth is outstanding. He made a brilliant start where he gained seven places. This immediately put him in a position where he could do a normal strategy. He started on the soft tyres and that turned out to be the way to go. He controlled it very well. It’s an excellent result and a good reflection of how hard the team is working.”

Stefano Domenicali: “It would have been nice to dedicate a win to Lupo Montezemolo, the son of our President, but it was not possible, because, we have to admit it, this weekend, Red Bull was stronger than us, but we will definitely try again in Spa! All the same, we are very pleased to have picked up 30 points which came at the end of a race that was very closely contested from the first to the last lap. I wish to congratulate Felipe, both as a driver and as a man: he managed a very difficult race without making the slightest mistake and as a man, he proved able to tackle in the best possible way a week when he was under a lot of pressure. Fernando was extraordinary: even though his car had a lower performance level, he held off Vettel for over thirty laps, not forgetting his great start. Our aim today was to close down the gap to the leaders in both championships and that’s exactly what we did. The situation is once again more open now, but we are well aware that there is still a lot to do. The Red Bulls have always been very strong and I am sure McLaren will return to top form. We must stay focussed on our own work, always giving our utmost effort; on the track trying to exploit every opportunity while at Maranello pushing hard on the development of the F10.” Finally, our thoughts are with our young driver, Jules Bianchi, who had a serious accident in yesterday’s GP2 race: he must be strong at a difficult time like this, but he can count on the knowledge that Ferrari is there to support him.”

Chris Dyer: “A great performance from both our drivers. Today we got a result that was definitely better than the one our car should have been capable of delivering and Felipe and Fernando both had to be perfect to bring home these 30 points. When the Safety-Car came out we immediately called in Fernando because it was the best solution, while with Felipe we also had the option to keep him out on track: he also came in and thus lost a place to Hamilton, but got it back when the Englishman retired. The soft tyres performed as expected, without really showing any real signs of degradation. However, we probably could not have done such a long stint as Webber: for us it was important to control the situation and react to what our rivals did.”

Eric Boullier: “We scored a lot of valuable points today, but just as important is the fact that Vitaly has had a superb weekend. He finished the race in fifth, which is obviously an excellent result. It’s even more satisfying because Mercedes didn’t score any points today, so we have made up ten points on them. Obviously we can’t be completely happy because we had the incident in the pit lane, which cost Robert some points as well. Without this I think he could have expected to finish at least sixth, so we could have had both cars in the points. But this is racing and it’s still a satisfying weekend for the team.”

Alan Permane: “It was an excellent drive from Vitaly today with good pace and consistency. He made a great start and did well to get ahead of Rosberg, which was our target, and after that he was able to pull away from him comfortably. From then on he drove a faultless race and he can be very satisfied with his performance across the entire weekend. Unfortunately Robert had to retire after the incident at his pit stop. We were concerned about the loads the suspension had seen and whether there was damage, so we decided to stop the car on safety grounds.”

Remi Taffin: “Fifth place for Vitaly is a well deserved result after the excellent job he has done all weekend. He had a new engine here and it hasn’t suffered too much so we will reuse it again at the next race in Spa. It was a disappointing race for Robert because his race ended with the collision in the pit lane. We retired the car because of suspected damage and so his engine has not really suffered much from this race either.”

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