2010 Belgian GP, practice: Driver quotes 

Written by David on August 27th, 2010 at 6:23 pmLast Update: August 27th, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Lewis Hamilton: “The weather made it a bit of an up-and-down day. It started off very wet, so we didn’t do too much running in the morning. But we got a few more laps this afternoon on the Intermediates and then the Option tyre. Because the rules don’t allow us to use too many wet-weather tyres – we only have three Extremes and four Intermediates – we really need to look after them, so we were very cautious, just in case we need to use them later on in the weekend. We’re definitely making small steps forward. This track does seem to suit our car better than in Hungary, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If it rains, then we seem to be competitive, but we have realistic expectations for this weekend – I didn’t score in the last race, so it’s important that we get more points on the board on Sunday.”

Jenson Button: “Considering the conditions, I think today was a reasonable day. We’ve still got some more work to do, but I’m happier with the car here than I was in the last couple of races. I’ve got a reasonable balance and a good basis to work on, and that’s important. We got pretty much everything Spa could throw at us today. And, despite the weather, we still got some running done on the Extreme, Intermediate and Option tyre. I’m happy with how the car felt in the different conditions – it’s a positive. I purposely didn’t do too many laps on either wet-weather tyre, as I didn’t want to destroy them. You can’t afford to do that. So we looked after the tyres, which could be useful for us ahead of qualifying.”

Sebastian Vettel: “It’s always tricky with these conditions, track time is limited and tyres are limited. We would love to run more despite the rain, but we don’t have so many tyres and looking at the weekend we might need them for qualifying and the race, so we didn’t want to use them all today. We were looking at the balance, it feels good, but it’s hard when the conditions are changing. We still have some work to do for Saturday and Sunday.”

Mark Webber: “Today was a bit of a messy day with the changing conditions, but it was actually pretty good for us. We got some good information to go through and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. There are a few quick guys out there, but we’re not slow either. It’s hard to get a feel for what everyone’s doing with the changing weather. It’s a beautiful track here, it’s special – today we got to sample it in all conditions.”

Robert Kubica: “It was quite a good Friday for us. The conditions in first practice were pretty bad, but our main aim was to check how the F-duct system was functioning on our car. We focused on getting experience of the system, for the engineers and for myself, and to get everything working properly – and we managed to do this in spite of running in the wet. In the second session, I ran every type of tyre: extremes, intermediates and both compounds of the slicks. The car felt reasonable in all conditions, but I think we can make further improvements to the balance tomorrow.”

Vitaly Petrov: “The first target today was to find out how the F-duct was working, and it looks pretty good. You can feel a good difference on the straights when the system is operating, and we are even driving with one hand in some of the corners. It gives the drivers a bit more work to do in the cockpit, but it’s nothing difficult to handle. This afternoon, we started to do some set-up work, but the conditions were changing all the time. Hopefully we can make more progress tomorrow, in order to get really comfortable with the car ahead of qualifying.”

Rubens Barrichello: “Today was a classic Spa scenario with the weather and I love it because it throws everything up in the air. The car is fine, but like everyone, we had neither sufficient dry or wet running to really optimise in either condition, which leaves some question marks for us, and I am sure everyone else, to resolve, but we had a productive day nevertheless.”

Nico Hulkenberg: “Of course it has been a typical Spa day with very mixed weather, but it has been quite alright for us. The most notable issue has been the intermediates and the full wets being soft for the track here and degrading early. Other than that, the day has run pretty well and we seem to have found good downforce settings for the circuit. I think we were P8 although it was not on the sheets because of the red flag, so it is all positive today.”

Jaime Alguersuari: “It was actually good fun driving today, as we experienced every track condition possible. From what we saw today I will be hoping for a wet race on Sunday, as I think we are more competitive in these conditions, giving us a better chance to get into the points. Because of the rain today, there is a question mark over tyre performance in the dry on high fuel loads, but that is the same for everyone. The car felt quite good in both the dry and the wet, but we still need more data on the tyre front. Because of the different conditions with teams running various types of tyre at different times, it is very difficult to understand the order amongst us, so I think we can expect another very interesting day tomorrow.”

Sebastien Buemi: “We had an issue on the gearbox in the morning, but in reality we did not lose much running time because it was raining so hard at that time. At least it meant I saved the wear on my rain tyres. In the second session, when it dried up, it was difficult to get a true picture relating to our performance, as everyone was trying something different. The important thing now is to do a good job of analysing all our data, in terms of car set-up and the difference between the two slick compounds and see what we can do for tomorrow. In the dry, I was quite happy on the hard compound, but with the option I did not get the tyres to work properly, so I did not get the most out of them and we will have to look at that in tomorrow morning’s session.”

Pedro de la Rosa: “Given the track conditions we managed to complete a lot of work including some dry running, which was very important for me as I haven’t raced here for some years. To get this chance was a bonus as we didn’t expect it. In the fully wet conditions we were pretty competitive. My conclusion from the afternoon’s session is we are good in the fast sectors one and three, but have to find something to improve the car for the middle sector. I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow and I’m curious to see what the weather will do.”

Kamui Kobayashi: “Overall it was okay for me today. We had no technical problems and quite a variety of different track conditions, which means you can learn a lot about the car and the track. In the wet my lap time was okay, but the tyres didn’t last long and that makes it difficult to judge where we are and where we should go. It is not easy to set up the car for tomorrow as here in Spa you basically can never know what the weather will finally be like. Nevertheless I have a good feeling for the car and the track.”

Adrian Sutil: “With the weather it was quite difficult but I enjoyed it a lot and we had a good balance straightaway. I was very comfortable and every run I went out I was one of the quickest, so a very positive start to the day. In the dry the car was just getting better as grip improved. In the second session I did a run on the hard tyre and then had time for one single lap on the soft right at the end, but there was so much traffic out on the track that getting a time was always going to be hard. But at least we have an idea about the tyres and how the car will perform on the different compounds. We know it’s going to be difficult to replicate this form tomorrow when we expect conditions to be drier but overall I’m feeling good, the car is fast and I am in good shape.”

Tonio Liuzzi: “Overall a difficult day, not just because of the weather, but because of the programme we were running. We had a different programme from Adrian, running with some newer development parts. We have a really good speed into the corners and the car is very balanced. The blown diffuser does the work we expect it to and is performing quite well, but we tried a few things that we still need to define before tomorrow. We are down on top speed and are losing a bit of time on the straights and of course that’s not what you want when you’re at a place like Spa that has such long straights. I’m positive for tomorrow though and looking forward to getting a complete package tomorrow.”

Bruno Senna: “Today it was tricky with a wet practice in the morning and a dry one in the afternoon. It was a good experience to run with all types of tyres and we got a lot of good data out of it. In the wet, we were competitive and in the dry we hope to pick up the pace. We will see what the conditions are tomorrow in terms of finding the right set-up for the car in qualifying and the race.”

Sakon Yamamoto: “We could get a lot of data in both sessions today under wet and drying up conditions. We fulfilled our testing program and I could get more experience in the car. Before the end of the session in the afternoon, I had to stop the car when I got an alarm message on my display. Now, we are looking forward to the qualifying and we will see, what tomorrow brings.”

Jarno Trulli: “It feels good to be back. It’s always nice to be back on track, especially in Spa as it’s such a good track. Practice today went very well for me and I’m pleased with where we ended up. Unfortunately on the last run this afternoon I was blocked by another car which prevented me from going quicker with the same set of tyres as everyone else, but before that I was looking pretty good, so I feel confident for tomorrow.”

Heikki Kovalainen: “It wasn’t too bad today considering the weather, but at least everyone was in the same position. There were no big problems – the car seemed to work well in all the conditions, but it’s always hard to draw a conclusion when the weather keeps changing and teams keep running different tyres. So you can’t read too much into the times today. The track itself feels fine – it’s a great track, and in the dry it will be really good. Fingers crossed for blue skies tomorrow!”

Michael Schumacher: “It’s obviously a beautiful feeling to be back on this track which is still great to drive. It’s also beautiful because I have a lot of good memories linked to Spa. But this doesn’t help a great deal with the situation that we are facing here and having a ten place penalty makes it difficult to go into the weekend with big hopes for a good result. The weather might help a little by mixing up the field and so I hope it does not change too much over the race weekend.”

Nico Rosberg: “It’s been a difficult day for us as we have been trying to get our revised parts for the car to work. The weather conditions have complicated our programme and whilst we’ve tried a lot of different things, it’s been tough to get any consistent feedback. I’ve suffered with understeer all day and really struggled with the balance on the wet tyres. The inters were better and it’s difficult to say for the slicks really. I was quite far off with my car balance with the dry tyres so that didn’t help. So a tricky start to the weekend for us and we need to sit down overnight and try to solve the problems.”

Fernando Alonso: “The impression one gets on Friday does not always get confirmed on Saturday and Sunday, therefore we have to evaluate today’s results with a lot of care. Having said that, it has definitely been a positive day, because the car seems to respond well in all track conditions that we encountered today. The times count for little, or nothing at all, because when the track changes so quickly, times can improve or get worse by two or three seconds depending on the moment when you are out on the circuit. I think the weather will play a key part, both tomorrow and on Sunday: anything could happen. We tried to test all the new components we have here. If the track was to be dry tomorrow, then we must try and improve our set-up, because obviously it is not yet at its best for these conditions, given that we only had a few minutes to test on slick tyres. In fact, I felt the car was a bit nervous, while in the wet it was easier to drive. When thinking about going for pole position, first of all we will have to see what the weather is doing: for sure if it was to rain we will go out immediately because you always learn from bad experiences.”

Felipe Massa: “I am very happy to be back racing at this track, having been forced to miss it last year: I love driving here. From what we could understand on a day like this, the car seems reasonably competitive and that was particularly true on the rain tyres. However, it is only Friday, so we will have to wait to see how the Red Bulls go, given that so far they have proved to be the quickest cars, as demonstrated in qualifying. We had so many things to test today, which explains a few slow laps this afternoon. On the intermediate tyres I immediately had good grip, but even on slicks the situation was not that bad. On the final lap, the only one on the soft tyres, I made a mistake, but the car felt good: obviously there is room for improvement and that is what we will try and achieve tomorrow.”

Lucas di Grassi: “A very productive day. We were able to run the car on all the types of tyre available – extreme wet, intermediate, prime and option. The forecast is the main doubt for the weekend but I’m happy with the progress we’ve made. I think we have covered pretty much every situation and after a problem-free Friday I’m looking forward to a good weekend for us.”

Timo Glock: “A good morning. I would say the first free practice was pretty good, we had no problems and the car felt quite okay in wet conditions. Then I unfortunately made a mistake in Free Practice Two – I touched the white line, lost the car and hit the tyre barrier quite badly and the session was over quite quickly for me. But in general it didn’t look too bad and I hope it will stay wet for the whole weekend as the car felt good in the wet. I was happy with it so let’s see how it goes tomorrow.”

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