2009 Brazilian GP, practice: Williams quotes 

Written by Nick on October 17th, 2009 at 6:22 amLast Update: October 17th, 2009 at 6:22 am

Rod Nelson: “As usual, we covered our standard Friday programme; looking at car balance, qualifying set-up and some longer race runs with heavier fuel. Obviously, the first session was somewhat upset by the rain. There was more rain in the morning session than we expected and then less than we had anticipated this afternoon, but it didn’t affect us too much.”

Nico Rosberg: “Today was all about tyre testing for qualifying and the race. We know roughly what we will do but it’s not entirely clear for the race; that will depend on how much the track improves. We also spent time looking at our downforce level but it’s always difficult and sometimes you need to compromise because, on the one hand, you want to find the quickest lap possible but, on the other, you need to be careful that people are not able to overtake you on the straight. Set-up wise, we just carried out some fine tuning. I don’t think there’s much to improve on that front for this track. Overall, we’ve had a good day’s work and we are where we need to be.”

Kazuki Nakajima: “The weather was quite tricky today but, fortunately, we still managed to get some running in under dry conditions. We worked through quite a lot of things and we know in which direction we want to head for tomorrow now. Whenever I was out on my new tyres, it started to drizzle so I didn’t get to record a good lap time today.”

source: Williams

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