2008 British GP, practice: Toyota quotes 

Written by David on July 04th, 2008 at 6:17 pmLast Update: July 04th, 2008 at 6:17 pm

ToyotaDieter Gass: “This was obviously almost the worst case scenario for us today as we missed most of the second session with both cars. Timo had a clutch problem and the mechanics did a very good job to fix that in time to get the car back out and give him a chance to try the option tyres at the end of the session. With Jarno we had a problem on the rear wing. He was running with a new part so we reverted to the standard spec with Timo and we will continue with that for the rest of the weekend. Prior to that this morning was reasonable apart from the break for the red flag and we went through most of what we had planned. But the afternoon session was the important one and now we have clearly lost a lot of running time. Luckily we were here for the test last week so we have good data to base our decisions on for tomorrow.”

Jarno Trulli: “Things clearly haven’t gone well for us today. It’s difficult to say what happened, I just lost the rear wing and went off. After that I was taken to the medical centre for a routine check but I am fine and cleared to return to the cockpit tomorrow. This means we have a busy weekend’s work ahead but we will push to make up ground. After our recent results the team is really fired up. We can still try to get both cars into the top ten and then aim for points.”

Timo Glock: “That was a difficult afternoon for both cars. The problem with the clutch meant we missed out on most of the second session. In the end the mechanics did a fantastic job to get the car ready again for the last ten minutes and we did another two runs. The car had felt okay this morning, just as it did at the test last week. But we will now be playing catch-up for the rest of the weekend. Still, after the team’s results at the last two races, we will push for further success on Sunday.”

source: Toyota 

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