2008 Bahrain GP, race: Ferrari quotes 

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Ferrari one-two in 2008 Bahrain Grand PrixFelipe Massa: “Sensational! Finally, after a start to the championship under dark clouds, I can see the sunshine again. We kept our concentration all weekend long and this is the result. We knew we could count on a great car and that certainly proved to be the case, given that I never had to push to the maximum once I was in the lead. I made a good start, managing to overtake Robert. Then, there were a few difficult laps because of oil on track between Turns 5 and 8, but I was always in control. Clearly, I always had in mind what happened in Malaysia and so I tried to pay attention all the time, to ensure I brought the car home. It is nice to be back in the winner’s position here in Sakhir, a track I have always liked.”

Kimi Raikkonen: “Second place was the best I could hope for on a weekend which was definitely not the best for me. These eight points move me into the lead of the championship and that is definitely a reason for me to leave Bahrain reasonably satisfied. I never found the ideal balance. Sometimes you get weekends like this but I am convinced that in Barcelona, the situation will be different. My first pit stop was not very quick because we had a problem with the lights, but it definitely did not affect the final result. Once I had consolidated my position, I managed the situation, trying not to push the car too much, knowing how important it is to always bring home the points.”

Stefano Domenicali: “We are very happy about this wonderful one-two finish. After a bad start to the season, we have proved we know how to react with our actions, as usual. We worked well all weekend and the results therefore followed. Now we have to continue down this road, without allowing our absolute concentration to slip for a moment, because in a championship that looks like being very close, it takes almost nothing to lose precious points. Felipe was fantastic and Kimi also did a good job, as did the entire team, here at the track, but above all, those back home, because our success stems from everyone in Maranello. A one-two is the best possible way of celebrating a hundredth victory for Luca di Montezemolo as President of Ferrari. He has always supported us, especially in the most difficult times.”

Luca Baldisserri: “A great result which proves the worth of the F2008 and of our team. We worked well with the only glitch concerning the working of the lights at the pit stop. Once we had moved into the positions we wanted, we asked the drivers to manage the cars very carefully. There was no need to push, nor to take unnecessary risks. A special thanks to our technical partners, first and foremost Shell. It is also down to the engine oil we have introduced this year that we manage to pull off this sort of performance.”

source: Ferrari

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